FAQ on Technical

What materials are used for the hole?

For the hole segments we use the following:

  • Solid wood (impregnated, dried planed wood from pine or spruce)
  • laminated special water-proof plywood
  • heavy duty liquid nails for gluing and zinc screws.
  • For the finish we use aluminum and PVC Astroturf or felt.

All holes are durable – very strong construction, everything is attached using high quality screws. Aluminum is screwed in all around the wooden sides and on the connections of the segments. At the bottom of the hole there are nailed rubber pads for preventing the wood from contact with the ground. Also we use white PVC plastic for some obstacles and beginnings. The hole has special design and made from fiberglass.

How can I repair my hole or segment?

It is very difficult to break your Mini Golf hole or segment while playing as it is very strong and durable. However, if it happens, due to dropping, mishandling, or other unforeseen event please contact us directly and we will try to give you some advice.

How can I order more segments for the hole or the replacement?

For more segments please contact us and we will give you a list of segments you may order. If you do not find the segment you are looking for,  send us your drawings and we would produce it for you. The price of modified or custom-made segment would be 20 % higher than regular priced segments.