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UAB Ginva, HAPPY GOLF is a company dedicated to the creation of innovative Miniature Golf courses and holes. Our production includes high-end interchangeable Mini Golf holes and other Mini Golf courses, holes - wood combined with aluminum finish and Astroturf manufactured with precision and accuracy. Also, we offer custom-made Mini Golf holes and courses catering to your imagination.

Being the biggest producer of Mini Golf courses and holes in Eastern Europe we see ourselves as the best known Mini Golf brand the world over. We commit ourselves to continuous technological research and development providing innovative solutions for you to get the most of your game. 

Here you may find information about new service for You and Your business – Minigolf. Our company provides design and installation of quality minigolf courses and fairways which are available in different configurations.

This website provides information about minigolf courses and individual fairways.


We offer modular Scandinavian type minigolf courses, minigolf courses for kids and interchangeable modular minigolf fairways.

Our new production in minigolf market!
* WMF standard proffesional mini golf courses;
* Office mini golf;
* Minigolf course for kids;
* Interchangeable modular minigolf fairways.


We are in constant search for better solutions designing and manufacturing our minigolf courses, always striving to implement our production.

Dealership available! Please contact us.


Our minigolf courses or fairways are in:
Russia (Kaliningrad district),
Saudi Arabia



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Metal frame mini golf course

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